Volume 2 Leveled Bible Plan & Journal


The Chase Challenge presents Volume 2 of a leveled chronological Bible plan and journal: “Chasing God into The Impossible: From Refusing to Go to Accomplishing the Impossible.” Content covers Numbers 6-Judges 1. DOWNLOAD.


Volume 2 of The Chase Challenge Leveled Bible Plan and Journal can be used as a stand-alone Bible plan and journal or used with the other volumes as an aid to guide you in completing “The Chase Challenge.”  Used together, the leveled Bible plan includes multiple pathways for all learners to move through the Bible in one year.  Volume 2 specifically covers the period between Numbers 6 and Judges 1 as the Israelites go from refusing to follow God into the land He had promised them to entering the promised land 40 years later, under the leadership of Joshua and Caleb.  Designed to be used daily, Volume 2 includes a weekly theme, timeline and focus verse, a daily leveled Bible plan, daily applicational truth as well as space for daily journaling. This product is available immediately via DOWNLOAD.

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