Welcome to the Chase.


It’s something you see and participate in all the time. You chase the ball down the field, the girl down the hall, your brother down the stairs.

You chase because you want something.

You want something bad enough that you are willing to put in the effort.

You might work up a sweat in the process, stub your toe or scrape your skin. But you are willing to keep chasing, because your desire for what you want is greater than your other desires. Greater than your desire to keep your clothes from dripping with sweat. It is greater than your desire to avoid pain. Whatever it is that you are chasing after is your greatest desire in the moment. And you are chasing after it, to the neglect of everything else because you believe the reward will be worth it.

You chase…

because you believe the


will be worth it.

I’m a chaser. I get it. Chasing is hard and takes a lot of work. But after years of chasing hard after the unknown and unseen, I haven’t been left disappointed. It was worth every hour of chasing.

This blog is my effort to encourage you in your chase. Inspire you. Help you in any way I can.

Keep chasing. The reward is absolutely amazing.