Chronological Bible Study

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Jacob has 12 Sons & God Changes Jacob’s name to Israel
Week 4: From Joseph to Job – A Season of Suffering.
Week 5: The Life of Job
Week 6: Moses Leads the Israelites out of Egypt
Week 7: God Pursues a Relationship with the Israelites
Week 8: Understanding the Laws of Moses
Week 9: Almost 40 years of Israel’s Journey to the Promised Land
Week 10: Moses’ Ministry and Leadership Nears an End
Week 11: Moses and Joshua challenge the Israelites to think about their choices.
Week 12 Preview: Joshua 3 – Judges 1. Joshua leads the Israelites to conquer the Promised Land, but at one point the Israelites are deceived by a clever group of people called the Gibeonites. Why were they deceived? Read to find out.
Week 13: Preview of Judges 2 – Ruth 4. One of the darkest periods of Israel’s history spanning 300-400 years, but including one of the most beautiful and pure acts of love and redemption. The period of the Judges.
Week 14: Preview of 1 Samuel 1-24. Meet the last judge of Israel, Samuel. He has direct access to God as a prophet and he anoints the first two Kings of Israel. Drama surrounds the interactions between these two kings and special insight is given as we read the personal, journal-like prayers and poetry of the second king while we engage in the storyline of his life.
Week 15 Preview: King Saul relentlessly chases after David, but while running for his life, David never stops chasing after God even though this has been going on for years. When is enough, enough? When should David say, “God, I keep asking you to help me and nothing is changing!” How long should David wait for God to show up?
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Week 25 People
Week 26 Preview: Why Does God Chase After Those Who Don’t Measure Up? How Do the people of the capital city of Assyria (Nineveh) respond when Jonah shares with them the message of God?
Week 27 Preview: Why Does God Continue to Chase After Those Who Don’t Want Anything to Do with Him? The Northern and Southern Kingdoms are comfortable, but God sends Isaiah, Hosea, and Amos to speak warnings to them before the disaster strikes. They are comfortable and disaster isn’t on their radar. Will they listen?
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Week 37 Questions
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Week 40: Questions
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