Chasing the Unknown

Have you ever had an experience that left you feeling like maybe God was real?  Something happened and you couldn’t help but at least question His existence…


…and in the smallest way you begin.

You begin to ask questions.

Questions … only allowed in the privacy of your own mind.

Questions… you don’t dare to ask out loud.

Questions… you fear others might find stupid.

Worse yet, questions you are afraid just don’t have any real answers.

Yet, you can’t shake it.

You can’t shake the uneasy feeling that there is…


Something… spiritual.

Something… that can’t be seen, proven, or explained.

Something… that is there.

Something… that maybe, just maybe, knows something about you.

Something… that somehow, someway you can know too.

It seems silly. It seems ridiculous.  It seems impossible.  

But you can’t forget your experience.  You can’t stop contemplating the possibilities.  You can’t stop wondering if there is Something greater than you and larger than life.  And there’s a part of you that can’t help hoping that maybe this “Something” actually could do something for you and maybe, on some crazy scale, might actually care about you.

“You can’t stop wondering if there is


greater than you


larger than life.”

So… in some private, desperate and reckless moment you…

Ask for help.

Maybe you find yourself in a place that you need SOMETHING or SOMEONE beyond what you can see, feel, touch, taste or hear. You call out for help in hopes that you will get an answer, but 90% of you feels like it’s not going to happen. You feel kinda stupid for asking in the first place.

Then you decide to change your tactic. You begin to bargain, beg, tempt, threaten and entice the unknown Supernatural Entity to reveal Itself to you in some crazy, amazing, other-worldly way.


Ask for this unseen Being to prove that it exists.

You either think you need something spiritual and are hoping for something supernatural or you just can’t get an experience you had out of your head and it is driving you to look for something that you sense is there, but you cannot quite see. The mystery is what is driving you.

Driving you to ask the questions.

Driving you to ask the supernatural for help.

Driving you to actually ask the “thing” to prove to you that “it” really exists.

What you may not know is that in your asking, you begin a journey.  A journey of pursuit. You are looking for something; pursuing something; chasing something. You are chasing something unseen. 

Will you find it?


  1. I totally love this new blog! It makes me want to read more! Can’t wait to see what’s coming next, Christina Marie!!

  2. Good food for thought and helpful instructions on how to move forward in pursuing one’s goals! Motivational!

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